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Arizona Pots

What is an Arizona Pot™?

It's the HOTTEST thing going right now! So hot, it received a Retailers' Choice Award at the 2015 New England Grows show in Boston and has continued to be a Hot Seller ever since! This honor is given yearly to products chosen by an esteemed panel of retailers, as the most innovative, sure-sellers for garden centers. 

These eye-catching, hand-made hypertufa pots come planted with a sizzling selection of heat loving, drought tolerant succulents or hardy Sempervivums! Empty Arizona Pots are also available. We offer both Planted and Empty pots in Petite size and our New XL size.  

For Ordering see Pg 23 of our 2017 Perennial Order Form or Pg 6 of our 2017 Temperennial Order Form

  • Exceptional price point
  • Trendy varieties
  • Low Maintenance plants
  • Non-Petroleum, hypertufa pot
  • Sold only to independents
  • Plant Tag that pops
  • Fits on a window sill!

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Arizona Pots Succulent Arizona PotsEmpty Arizona Pot