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Echinacea purpurea ‘Red Knee High’ PP20411   

This exciting new sport of 'Kim's Knee High' boasts the darkest and most vivid magenta-rose coloring of any coneflower available in the market today. It shares the same exceptional blooming traits and compact habit as 'Kim's Knee High', while adding a dazzling new color to the coneflower spectrum. Grows 20-24" tall. A Sunny Border Nurseries introduction! Excellent for borders. Contrasts nicely with yellow Coreopsis, white Echinacea and Leucanthemum. 

    Common Name:Coneflower
    Hardiness Zones:5-8
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in average, moderately moist, well drained soil.

About Echinacea: The latest news on Echinacea is the explosion of colors in a wide range of sizes, heights and flower formation, sure to liven up any garden. Native to the mid west and eastern U.S., Echinacea is well adapted to survive the hot, windy conditions typical of that area. It’s long-lived and drought tolerant. Easy to grow and long blooming, butterflies love it and you will too.