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Phlox divaricata ‘Blue Elf’ PPAF   

A 6” dwarf woodland phlox with medium blue flowers that bloom in May. It grows best in partial shade. 

    Common Name:Dwarf Woodland Phlox
    Hardiness Zones:3-8
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in moist, well drained soil that is high in organic matter.

About Phlox: Phlox attracts butterflies, is lightly fragrant and offers many forms to fit most gardens. Paniculata, maculata, arendsii, carolina & glaberrima fit into the mid border, making great cut flowers. Subulatas are shorter, perfect for the front of the border, rock and alpine gardens. Divaricata and stolonifera are like subulatas but enjoy some shade.