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Trifolium repens purpurascens   

Showy, deep burgundy leaves, edged green, on a spreading, low mat of foliage just 2-4" tall. Small white flowers emerge early to midsummer. 

    Common Name:Purple Leaf Clover
    Hardiness Zones:3-8
    Deer Resistant:No
Growing Tips: Plant in moderately moist, well drained soil that is high in organic matter.

About Trifolium: Trifolium are ornamental shamrocks that are now being grown for the garden. Low growing and carpet forming, with lightly fragrant flowers, they are nice tucked in the front of the border, rockery, trough or alpine garden. They are not difficult to grow, blooming in summer in colors ranging from white to purple. This large genus has been used as a cover crop, food for livestock with even a nicely flavored honey produced from the flowers by bees.