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Tricyrtis ‘Hatatogisa’   

Pale blue flowers dusted and spotted with shades of violet bloom Sept.-Oct. on plants growing 18-24" tall by 18" wide. Pale green foliage is mottled with dark green spotting, adding even more interest. Great for the fall garden. Attracts butterflies! 

    Common Name:Toad Lily
    Hardiness Zones:5-8
    Deer Resistant:No
Growing Tips: Plant where soil is moist and high in organic matter.

About Tricyrtis: If you need a fall blooming plant for the shade garden, Tricyrtis is a great choice. The delightful, orchid-like flowers that bloom on graceful, arching stems won’t overpower the garden, if placed properly, but be sure to plant them close enough for your viewing enjoyment!