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Thalictrum lucidum   

Divided, dark green, fern-like foliage that is sturdy and upright, with fluffy, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers blooming in midsummer. Grows 24-48" tall. Very easy to grow. Looks great planted in mass at the back of the bed or border. 

    Common Name:Meadow Rue
    Hardiness Zones:5-8
    Deer Resistant:Yes

About Thalictrum: Thalictrum is very easy to grow. Tall varieties work well in the mid to back border where their dainty flowers act as a filler, softening the lines of neighboring plants, much like baby’s breath. Dwarf forms work well in clusters near the front of gardens as well as in rock and alpine gardens. As an added bonus, they are great as a cut flower and attract butterflies.