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Sesleria heufleriana   

Similar to S. caerulea but larger, with slightly less blue in the foliage. Tufts of medium green blades grow to 15" tall, transitioning to bluish green in summer and fall. Silverish undersides. An early bloomer with stunning dark purple inflorescence on stems up to 24" in early spring. Heat and drought tolerant. 

    Common Name:Blue-Green Moor Grass
    Hardiness Zones:4-8
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in moderately moist, well drained soil.

About Sesleria: Sesleria is an ornamental grass that is easy to grow, very adaptable and clump forming. It is highly versatile, noninvasive and will work in most situations. It is great in the border tucked in amongst other plants or in the rock garden. It works well by itself or planted en masse.