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Ligularia ‘Osiris Fantaisie’ PP19302   

Rich, dark green, heart-shaped leaves are wavy and deeply serrated, showing off the leaves burgundy undersides. Interesting dark purple stems. Yellow flowers bloom just above foliage in late summer. Foliage grows up to 24" tall. 

    Common Name:Senecio
    Hardiness Zones:4-9
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant where soil is moist and high in organic matter.

About Ligularia: Ligularia is perfect for damp or poorly drained soil. Try next to your rain downspout, water feature, pond or stream. When planted at the bottom of a downspout, they benefit from the concentration of water that any small rain shower will funnel down the spouts. With adequate moisture it also performs well in a border.