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Heuchera ‘Velvet Night’   

Mounds of slate black leaves, with metallic plum-purple overlays. Said to be the darkest of the dark-leaved Heuchera or at least the veiled forms. Fine hairs give the foliage its velvety appearance. Grows 12-17" tall. Greenish white flowers bloom on 18-24" stems June-July. 

    Common Name:Coral Bells
    Hardiness Zones:4-9
    Deer Resistant:No
Growing Tips: Plant in moist, well drained soil that is high in organic matter.

About Heuchera: Coral Bells makes a great addition to any garden as it is easy to grow, with many choices of foliage available. They perform admirably, whether tucked amongst other plants or en masse. Hummingbirds love them and they make great cut flowers too.