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Echinacea After Midnight™ ('Emily Saul') PP18768   

This new, very distinctive, dwarf cultivar from the popular Big Sky™ Series has fragrant, dark magenta purple flowers with a black-red cone. Wide, overlapping flower petals give the blossoms a full look atop dramatic black stems, just 1' tall, with blue-green foliage. Well branched, compact and vigorous. Perfect for containers or the front of the flower border. A result of crosses between E. purpurea and E. paradoxa, it has inherited the dominant characteristics of E. purpurea, but with fuller, toothed leaves and wider petals. 

    Common Name:Coneflower
    Hardiness Zones:4-8
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in average, moderately moist, well drained soil.

About the Big Sky™ Series: This exciting series adds many new colors to the traditional coneflower repertoire, while providing the best  features from E. purpurea, including attractive foliage, strong branching and wide petals and adds in some unique new color variations thanks to cross breeding E. paradoxa. Bred by Richard Saul of ItSaul Plants in Georgia.