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Echinacea Pixie Meadowbrite™('CBG Cone 2') PP18546   

The third release from Chicago Botanic Garden's Meadowbrite™ coneflower series. A cross of E. purpurea, tennesseensis and angustifolia, it is said to be the first true dwarf hybrid. 24" wide, compact clumps produce 18-20" tall stems of horizontal, small, pink coneflowers June-Aug. Selected by Dr. Jim Ault of CBG for it's hardiness, drought tolerance, compact form and longevity of bloom. Great for containers, borders and small gardens. 

    Common Name:Coneflower
    Hardiness Zones:4-9
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in average, moderately moist, well drained soil.

About Echinacea: The latest news on Echinacea is the explosion of colors in a wide range of sizes, heights and flower formation, sure to liven up any garden. Native to the mid west and eastern U.S., Echinacea is well adapted to survive the hot, windy conditions typical of that area. It’s long-lived and drought tolerant. Easy to grow and long blooming, butterflies love it and you will too.