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Athyrium filix-femina x niponicum ‘Branford Rambler’   

This exciting cross from Nick Nicou has some of the variegation of the painted fern and the strength and drought tolerance of the lady fern. As the name implies, this is a spreader, making it a nice groundcover while being non-invasive. Grows 2' tall. 

    Common Name:Lady Fern
    Hardiness Zones:4-9
    Deer Resistant:Yes
Growing Tips: Plant in moist, well drained soil that is high in organic matter.

About Athyrium: Athyrium is one of the shade garden ferns. It’s a robust grower, easy to grow, quite hardy and has very attractive, delicate fronds. Some are vigorous growers, colonizing freely and proving useful in naturalizing or as a groundcover.