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Viola ‘Aspasia’

Creamy white and deep yellow, 1" wide flowers bloom all summer on th...
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Viola ‘Columbine’

This popular but sometimes hard to find violet has fragrant, white fl...
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Viola ‘Etain’

Large, 1.75”, beautiful, rich, pale lemon-yellow flowers with contr...
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Viola ‘Gladys Findlay’

Broad white frosted eyes with yellow center are surrounded by very da...
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Viola ‘Letitia’

Varying shades of periwinkle create a stunning, highlighting effect o...
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Viola ‘Lindsay’

Deep pink (1") flowers fade to a very pale pink. Nice, neat and tidy...
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Viola ‘Mars’

From Terra Nova Nurseries, interesting, triangle-shaped leaves, with ...
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