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Papaver alpinum hybrids

A dainty alpine with finely cut, gray-green leaves. Blooms of mixed c...
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Papaver miyabeanum ‘Pacino’

6-8” tall, dense rosettes of hairy, mint green leaves bear charming...
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Papaver nudicaule ‘Wonderland Mixture’

The finely textured foliage that barely reaches 4” gives way to flo...
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Papaver orientale 'Brilliant Red'

Very large, scarlet-orange flowers with black blotches at the base...
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Papaver orientale 'Prince of Orange'

Very large (4-5"), tangerine orange flowers with satiny, crepe-lik...
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Papaver orientale 'Queen Alexandra'

Very large, satiny, salmon pink flowers with purplish black center...
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Papaver orientale ‘Eye Catcher’

A compact variety with large, bright orange-red flowers with black...
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Papaver orientale ‘Mrs. Perry'

Beautiful salmon pink flowers have dark purple, near black, blotch...
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