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Festuca abbreviata

An incredibly cute, little tuft of blue-green grass, growing only 1...
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Festuca amethystina ‘Superba’

Very fine, blue foliage, 8-16" tall, with 18" tall red-stemmed tass...
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Festuca cinerea ‘Blue Fox’

Very good, silver-blue foliage. Forms dense clumps, 12" tall.
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Festuca cinerea ‘Blue Sea’

6Ó blue-gray tufts. Excellent form.
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Festuca cinerea ‘Sea Urchin’

10” blue foliage. Improved selection with a more compact habit.
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Festuca glauca ‘Blue Glow’ ('Blauglut')

Icy blue grass with narrow blades reaching 8-10" high. Flowers appea...
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Festuca glauca ‘Boulder Blue’

Compact mounds of intense blue, spiky foliage, 10" tall, with wheat-...
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Festuca ovina glauca ‘Elijah Blue’

The bluest of all the blue fescues. Introduced by the late Lois Woodh...
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