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Dianthus ‘Pike's Pink’

This 8” form bears fragrant, bright pink flowers over narrow, blue-...
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Dianthus ‘Pristine’

Tight, congested form, with steel blue foliage and pure white flowers...
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Dianthus ‘Rose Dawn’

This 4-6" dwarf alpine form bears clusters of miniature, heavy flowe...
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Dianthus ‘Snowbank’

Highly perfumed, shaggy, double white. Very compact clumps. 8-10” s...
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Dianthus ‘Tatra Blush’

9" stems of very fragrant, fringed, pale pink flowers, with a darker...
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Dianthus ‘Tatra Fragrance’

Strongly fragrant, fringed white flowers with distinctive, pinwheel-l...
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Dianthus ‘Warbonnet’

Bold, sturdy, double maroon-red flowers bloom June-July, on 15-18" s...
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Dianthus ‘White Hills’

In spring, 4-6" stems of heavy flowering, single, white blossoms dra...
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