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Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’

6-8” compact mounds of green foliage, totally covered in summer with...
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Campanula persicifolia ‘La Belle’

Enchanting, double, lilac flowers bloom on upright stems May-July. Nic...
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Campanula persicifolia ‘La Bonne Amie’

Delightful, double white flowers bloom June-Aug. Compact, dark green, ...
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Campanula persicifolia ‘La Bello®’ PP14710

Not to be confused with 'La Belle', this cultivar has white, doub...
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Campanula carpatica ‘Deep Blue Clips’

Intense, deep blue, upturned bellflowers, throughout the summer, on 6-...
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Campanula ‘Elizabeth’

Beautiful, burgundy-colored, 3” tubular bells are gracefully carried...
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Campanula glomerata ‘Emerald’ PP18343

Pale sky blue flowers with slightly darker edges bloom in clusters May...
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Campanula glomerata ‘Superba’ (var. dahurica)

2’ leafy stems bear multitudes of wide lilac-lavender bellflowers, w...
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Campanula ‘Kent Belle’

A sterile cross between C. takesimana and C. punctata, bearing large, ...
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Campanula carpatica ‘Light Blue Clips’

Dainty, light blue, cupped flowers totally smother the foliage in the ...
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