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Saxifraga arendsii ‘Blood Carpet’

Rising above the 3-4" evergreen rosette carpet are 4-8” tall, thin ...
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Saxifraga arendsii ‘Purple Carpet’

3-4” mossy leaved, evergreen carpet with purple-carmine flowers on t...
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Saxifraga arendsii ‘Snow Carpet’

This mossy saxifrage forms a 3-4”, evergreen, soft-leaved carpet, wi...
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Saxifraga ‘Findling’

1-4” slender stemmed white flowers over a neat, compact cushion of b...
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Saxifraga cochlearis ‘Minor’

4” long scapes of diminutive, star-shaped, white flowers rise above ...
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Saxifraga cotyledon ‘Pyramidalis’

A very showy, silver saxifrage, with white blossoms in pyramid-shaped ...
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Saxifraga cuneifolia

Low-growing mound producing pretty, 6” panicles of cream-white flowe...
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Saxifraga fortunei ‘Black Ruby’

The name says it all! This saxifrage has scalloped-edged foliage of da...
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Saxifraga hostii

Rosettes of strap-shaped leaves bear erect, 12" stems which carry bra...
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Saxifraga ‘Kath Dryden’

3" tall, compact rosettes of broad, lime-edged leaves and masses of p...
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