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Aubrieta x cultorum ‘Cascade Purple’

A vigorous grower, offering a profusion of rich purple flowers in earl...
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Aubrieta ‘Dr. Mules’

Magenta-purple flowers look radiant April-May as they bloom in masses ...
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Aubrieta ‘Argenteovariegata’

2-4” mat-forming evergreen with creamy white, variegated foliage and...
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Aubrieta ‘Bengal’

A carpet of various shades of lavender, cerise and purple, semi-double...
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Aubrieta ‘Royal Blue’

Prostrate rockery or wall plant bearing flowers in various shades of b...
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Aubrieta ‘Whitewell Gem’

Spreading, 6” evergreen mats of gorgeous, violet-blue flowers, April...
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Aubrieta ‘Blue Beauty’

Double, blue-violet flowers bloom en masse late spring to early summer...
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Aubrieta ‘Double Pink’

Unique, ruffled, double pink flowers with yellow eye bloom April-May o...
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Aubrieta ‘Dr. Mules Variegata’

Attractive, spreading mats of green leaves with cream edges and pinkis...
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