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Veronica ‘Royal Candles’ PP18932

This Veronica is an offspring of ‘Sunny Border Blue’ and similar i...
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Veronica spicata ‘Red Fox’

10” rose-red flowers from June-Aug....
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Veronica ‘Sunny Border Blue’

18-20” sturdy herbaceous bushes with dark violet-blue spikes from Ju...
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Veronica ‘Bergen’s Blue’

A unique variety with clusters of blue flowers, blooming June-Aug. ove...
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Veronica pectinata

Velvety foliage forms dense mats of gray leaves. Saucer-shaped, white ...
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Veronica prostrata ‘Heavenly Blue’

4-5” emerald green carpet with brilliant blue flowers in May....
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Veronica prostrata ‘Wine’

Pink flowers bloom in clusters in late spring on this groundcover that...
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Veronica repens ‘Sunshine’

Low-growing form, with blue flowers above chartreuse-gold leaves. Suit...
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Veronica spicata nana ‘Blauteppich’

Bright, indigo blue flowers in summer over 4-6” mats. Compact grower...
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Veronica ‘Waterperry’

A lovely spreader with purple winter color. 4-6” with round, light b...
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