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Verbascum ‘Blue Pixie’

This petite form of mullein has lovely, fragrant, purplish-blue flo...
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Verbascum ‘Jackie in Pink’ PP15735

Bears 2' cones of pink florets all summer. Vigor and longevity improv...
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Verbascum ‘Jackie in Yellow’ PP17190

A yellow flowered form of V. 'Jackie' with a well-branched, compact ...
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Verbascum ‘Letitia’

8” yellow flower spikes are produced all summer long by this sterile...
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Verbascum ‘Pink Pixie’

Short spikes of lightly fragrant, vivid pink flowers bloom througho...
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Verbascum ‘White Pixie’

Fragrant, clean white flowers bloom on 12" tall spikes in July. A ...
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