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Sedum ‘Abbeydore’

A unique, compact form with beautiful, rosy pink flowers blooming in l...
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Sedum Autumn Delight™ ('Beka') PP18398

Noted for the color of its succulent leaves and stems which are the co...
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Sedum telephium ‘Bronco’ PP18085

This european native is an upright, bushy form growing 10-12" tall an...
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Sedum telephium Autumn Charm™ ('Lajos') PP14421

This sport of the famed S. 'Autumn Joy' has variegated foliage of gr...
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Sedum sexangulare

Fine, 4", low foliage turning burnt copper in strong sun, with bright...
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Sedum telephium ‘Sunkissed’ PP16927

Grayish green foliage has bronze undertones. Pale yellow flowers bloom...
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Sedum ussuriense ‘Turkish Delight’

A delight indeed with its dark burgundy, almost black, succulent folia...
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Sedum sexangulare ‘Weisse Tetra’

Easily recognized by the six-sided, spiral-shaped leaves. A very compa...
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Sedum telephium ‘Xenox’ PP16888

A nice, short, compact variety with dark gray-purple foliage and warm ...
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Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ PPAF

An excellent groundcover comprised of shimmering, golden yellow, needl...
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