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Primula x ‘Dawn Ansell’

Double, white flowers with green fluffs, like miniature posies. Grows ...
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Primula bullesiana

A cross between P. beesiana and P. bulleyana with flowers that are a c...
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Primula bulleyana

Red buds open and form candelabras of tubular blossoms that fade to or...
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Primula denticulata ‘Alba’

One of the most reliable varieties, easily grown and resistant to fros...
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Primula denticulata ‘Blue Selection’

This reliable spring bloomer is easily grown and resistant to frost...
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Primula elatior ‘Blue’

In early spring and summer, 4-8” stems bear umbels of flowers in mix...
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Primula elatior ‘Red’

4-8" stems bear small umbels of mixed, red-shaded flowers in early sp...
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Primula elatior ‘Mixed’

10-15” umbels borne on one main stem. Boldly mixed colors cavort in ...
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Primula elatior ‘Pink’

Pretty blend of rose-shaded flowers appear on 8-12" stems in early sp...
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Primula japonica ‘Album’

Candelabras of white blossoms put on a showy display May-June. Grows u...
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