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Lupinus ‘Chandelier’

Stately spikes in shades of yellow and cream bloom May-June. Foliage i...
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Lupinus ‘Chatelaine’

Elegant, pink and white spears growing 3-4' tall....
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Lupinus ‘My Castle’

Eye-catching, old-fashioned, fragrant perennial with small, brick red,...
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Lupinus ‘Noble Maiden’

Fragrant, pure ivory-white, pea-like blooms are densely packed on eleg...
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Lupinus Russell Mixture (Band of Nobles)

Developed by English gardener, George Russell in the early 1900's the...
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Lupinus ‘The Governor’

Blue to purple, pea-like blooms densely packed on elegant, 2-3' spire...
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Lupinus ‘The Pages’

3-4’ spires of densely packed, carmine-red, pea-like blooms in early...
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