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Helleborus argutifolius

Holly-like, evergreen foliage to 15”, with pale chartreuse flowers b...
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Helleborus hybridus ‘Blue Metallic Lady’

Striking blue flowers with a silvery-metallic cast bloom February-Apri...
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Helleborus hybridus Brandywine™ (D.L.C. Hybrids)

From Hellebore breeder and collector, David Culp, comes a captivating ...
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Helleborus x sternii Blackthorn Strain

From Blackthorn Nursery, England, large, outward-facing flowers, with ...
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Helleborus hybridus ‘Candy Love®’

Similar to H. 'Ivory Prince' with masses of single flowers in shades...
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Helleborus hybridus ‘Double Ladies Mixed’

A stunning selection of multi-colored double flowers, including ‘...
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Helleborus niger ‘Double Fashion’

Gorgeous, large, double white flowers are long blooming, late winter t...
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Helleborus foetidus

18-24” evergreen plants with pale green-edged maroon flowers in Feb....
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Helleborus foetidus ‘Gold Bullion’

Outstanding, chartreuse foliage with yellowish gold new growth and ...
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Helleborus x nigercors

A hybrid of H. argutifolius and H. niger with masses of pale cream to ...
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